In addition to an emotional toll, addiction can also place a financial strain on a family.  The cost of rehabilitation and counseling sadly is often compounded by loss of personal property.  Therefore, it may even seem like a luxury to take care of yourself at a time when you are focused on the well-being of your loved one.  As described in the Core Values section of this website, we feel our services can actually save you time and money and provide long-term benefit to your family.

Each case is unique and will entail different fees. In all consultations with our legal team, there is an initial investment of $300 for a two hour confidential meeting with one or both of our attorneys, so that we can get to know you and your case as well as inform you about our practice model and philosophy.  

Should we mutually agree to explore representation beyond this initial meeting, for an additional fee, our legal team will :

  • Spot potential issues in your case
  • Craft an individualized Plan of Action for you.
    • possible legal action
    • out-of-court advocacy  
  • Prepare a fee structure for your case
  • Provide a formal engagement letter
  • Communicate the individualized plan to you via email

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